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3Z Inspiration Lab Components
We provide 3 never-before benefits to participants to help them grow and innovate.

Z1 for real

Truly unhindered 24X7 access to our incredibly hi-tech Lab with fully open environment for complete learning through VPN access. Yes, you can experience that for real. 

Z2 for Experience 

Experience case studies and scenarios which are coming from the legacy and heritage of our top-of-the-line professional services team who provides you complete immersive experience. Know the real.

Z3 for Handholding

Full and absolutely complete LAB support for students from technical support people who can guide you to learn better and handhold and inspire you to go beyond yourself when you are stuck. Be constantly inspired. That’s what 3Z Inspiration LAB is all about.

Register now to get access to world-class lab, scenarios and support from Industry's most loved infosec team. 

How to get Access to 3Z Inspiration Lab?
The registration process is simple, just click on purchase now button and make the payment. Our Team will share the credentials within 24 hours after making the payment.


Register on Virtual Academy

Visit Virtual Academy or click on Purchase Now button to register your account. Once registration is successfull, you'll be able to buy anyy of the available Vurtual Labs.


Purchase Virtual Lab Access

Once the registration is successful, you can buy any of the available Virtual Labs on monthly subscription basis. 


Get Lab Credetnails & start learning. 

After successfully purchasing the subscription, you'll receieve your Lab credentials within 24 hours. 

If you can't find what you've been looking for, please write to info@purplesynapz.com

  1. Is it mandatory to buy Virtual Labs to finish all the lab exercises described in recorded courses?
    No. Virtual Labs are meant for specific needs. Please refer to the following FAQ for better understanding.

  2. Why do I need Virtual Labs?
    You should buy virtual labs only when the following are your listed objectives:
     Objective 1: You do not have access to High-End Compute. Ideally, a good Desktop/Laptop configuration should be : 
        1. For Red Teaming and Wireshark - (8GB RAM, Dual-Core CPU, and 250 GB SSD Hard Disk)
        2. For Splunk/OSSIM/Check Point - (16GB RAM, Dual-Core CPU, and 250 GB SSD Hard Disk)
     Objective 2: You generally look for personal support when you find difficulty in working on Labs.
     Objective 3:
     You want to try and learn things from real-world setups and would not mind dedicating extra hours exploring new tools and techniques that may not be relevant from the certification perspective.

    In most other cases, you can complete all the Labs yourself explained in videos by your trainer.

  3. Can I use one Virtual Lab to perform labs of multiple courses? For example, can I buy Virtual Labs for 1 month and use it to do my labs for Red Team essentials and Check Point? 
    No. Each lab requires a specific configuration, topology diagram and software applications that will be provided to you when you purchase your lab along with the online course. You must buy Virtual labs separately for each course.

  4. How can I pay for Virtual Labs?
    Virtual Labs are available on a monthly subscription basis. You need to pay a small amount each month and once you are done with all the labs and scenarios of your choice you can cancel your subscription.

  5. What all are included in Virtual Labs?
     24x7 Remote Virtual Lab Access.

    a) Access your personal lab securely from anywhere.
    b) Labs are available on a monthly subscription basis. You can cancel it anytime.
     Lab Support

    a) Get professional help if you are struck during any lab exercise.
    Email us virtuallab@purplesynapz.com and someone will help you finish your lab.
     Scenario Library

    a) Here is your chance to develop your skills like a true professional. Get access to our fresh set of real-world scenarios which will equip you with best skills and knowledge.
    b) Fresh scenarios are updated regularly so keep checking this section for details.

  6. Can I cancel my Virtual Lab subscription?
    Yes. Subscription to Virtual Labs can be canceled at any time.

  7. How will I get support when I am stuck and need assistance while working on some exercise?
    You will be provided access to Chat Groups where someone will respond to you within 4 hrs.
    •You need to mail the description along with Lab details to virtuallab@purplesynapz.com
    • 9x5 Phone Support (Coming Soon)

  8. Is there any time restriction during which I can access my Labs?
    No. You can access your personal lab anytime you want from anywhere in the world.

  9. Can I get access to sample exercises available in Scenario Library?
    When you buy Virtual Lab you will get access to the Scenario Library section. Each Course will have minimum 10 real-world scenarios. PurpleSynapz research team keeps updating this Scenario Library and bring more real-world tasks.

  10. I do not need Virtual Labs at this moment but still need some support to finish my Lab exercises. How can I get help?
    For those who do not have active Virtual Labs, community support will be provided via forums. These forums are monitored by course owners and they reply to queries through the forum messages. 

  11. What is the significance of Scenario Library?
    PurpleSynapz is in the business of skill development from the past 8 years and what we have noticed during these years is that Certifications add to specific skills however they are far from what is expected from an engineer on their actual job. For example, an engineer may learn how to create a VPN tunnel between two sites in simple situations however the real world will look something like this:

    You are a firewall admin of an organization who wants to create a VPN tunnel between two offices where the remote VPN gateway is a Cisco Device and follows the following settings.
    IKE Phase 1 (AES256, MD5)
        IKE Phase 2 (3DES, SHA1)
        PFS is enabled
        Key Expiry – 4800 secs
        Tunnel should be host to host.
        Only ssh and https is allowed between the encryption domain.

    Now, unless you have performed the above tasks in the lab you may always find it challenging to perform the expected task that too in a production network.

    These scenarios are brought to us by our Research team, professional services team, and TAC team who come across such situations quite frequently.

  12. I need more information; how can I contact your team?
    Please write to us at info@purplesynapz.com

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